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Artist Creates Hats For Cats Made From Their Own Hair

Pet owners around the world know that pets shed.

In between winter and spring is usually the worst time.

Pets will shed their winter coats to prepare for the warmer temperatures of summer.

It is a daily battle if you have a long haired dog.

I could vacuum every day and still not keep up with the volume of hair from my two dogs.

Not to mention the two cats!

I mean you would think they would be bald with all the hair that is flying around my house! Kidding, it isn’t that bad.

But it is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Oh, and giving them a bath or brushing them?

Yes, well, that seems to make the fur fall out faster!

But, we still love our pets.

Ryo Yamazaki came up with an excellent plan for the fur his cats shed.

cats in hats

Image Credit: Flickr

Yamazaki is a Japanese photographer, and he has three Scottish Fold cats.

Their names are Wheat, one-year-old brown tiger, Mar, a 6-year-old white cat, and Nyaa, an 8-year-old tabby.

Instead of sweeping up the fur, Yamazaki makes fur hats – and then takes pictures of his cats wearing them!

You say that that sounds strange? Well, sure! But wait until you see the pictures!

They are quite cute!

The fur hats come in several varieties, like the ‘comb-over,’ the witches hat, and the one with two ears!

There are other kinds too – you will just have to scroll down to see them all for yourself! Enjoy!














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