cats cutest things on earth

Cats may have a bit of a complicated reputation, but people still love them – myself included!

In fact, they’re the most popular pets across the globe, and there are a whopping 88 million of them, just in America!

It’s no surprise when you think about.

Cats have actually been scientifically proven to provide stress-relieving and anxiety-alleviating comfort, so those who own pet cats are less likely to deal with these issues.

They’re cuddly, sweet, adorable, and genuinely loving if you know how to interact with them!

There’s a lot to love about cats.

They have big eyes, they wiggle their butts before they pounce, they can be entertained by just about everything, and they have the cutest little toe pads.

They’re also fun to play with, and they’ll chase after just about anything. Plus, those tail flicks are just too adorable for words!

Still don’t believe us about how great cats are? We won’t judge you, but we will try to convince you to turn to this side!

Trust us – there’s fluffy fur, prickly ears, and pink noses over here enough for everyone. Here are 25 pictures that just might make you a cat-lover!

1. Hello! It’s nice to meet you!

brunetc23 / reddit

2. Yes, human, give me the scratches.

unknown / imgur

3. Just like humans, cats have family photos, like these little kitten siblings…

VimtoBuzz / reddit

4. … and like this parent and child who look like Matryoshka nesting dolls…

AllIDoIsRedditing / reddit

5. … these adoptive siblings who have a middle spoon to their big and little…

Senior_Swordfish / reddit

6. … and finally, this big loving family, enjoying an evening in bed!

DCLanger / reddit

7. Squish!

malithi323 / reddit

8. This cat, who got a little too close to comfort and now needs a human’s help.

radoslav7 / reddit

9. Ugh, Mondays.

MoonKnight0405 / reddit

10. This cat, who really needs a little more snoozles if this stretch is anything to go by…

AnyReview / reddit

11. … and this cat, who is already one step ahead and tucked into bed…

bm1992 / reddit

12. … and this absolutely adorable kitty, who has already gone right to Dreamland…

MrTowelieee / reddit

13. … and of course, this cat, who would go ahead and go to sleep if you just stopped bugging them!

FlappingMishey / reddit

14. Some cats even get along with dogs and are entrusted to them for babysitting.

KapitanKurt / reddit

15. This cat gets to comfort their dog friend while getting a good, shady resting place. Win-win!

Leonidepsd / imgur

16. This little kitten wants to see what’s going on outside.

ImaFknWizardXII / reddit

17. This cat wants your attention RIGHT NOW.

DayDreamer089 / reddit

18. This cat does not like that you woke them up from their nap.

T0NYdeP0NY / reddit

19. Blep!

shaneamaya / reddit

20. Most cats eat fish. This one wants to be one.

yetigor / reddit

21. Give me a high five!

TheOtherKav / reddit

22. This kitten just wants to politely ask for a cuddle…

dogluvrfurever / reddit

23. … this one will resort to twisting your heartstrings to get what they want…

BigAl_13 / reddit

24. … and this one simply demands it!

Lelar275 / reddit

25. Say cheese!

hugo464 / reddit

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