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Cat Loses Best Friend To Cancer And Will Not Leave Her Side

Losing a friend is difficult for everyone, including animals.

Pets are just as touched by the loss of their families as humans, and they often grieve for them, too.

When Chuey passed away due to jaw cancer, her owners decided to show their other cat Big Boy her body.

This was to ensure that he wouldn’t go out to search for her and run off too far.

They weren’t expecting much, as Chuey had always been aloof and mistrustful, so Big Boy was rarely ever allowed close to her.

But Big Boy was shocked and saddened by the sight of Chuey.

At first, he sniffed her and poked her gently, but when she didn’t wake up, he flew into a panicked frenzy and did everything he could to get a response out of her.

Take a look at this video

In the end, when Chuey was taken away, Big Boy lay near the spot he had last seen her and stayed quiet, mourning the loss of his friend.

It’s a heartbreaking scene, indeed.

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