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Police Get Strange Call About Cat With ‘Rifle’ So They Look Up At Tree And See It

The Newport, Oregon police got a very strange call on April 25, 2017. The caller said that there was a cat up a tree, I know, not that out of the ordinary – right?! Well, the caller also added that the cat also had a gun, and it looked like a rifle or some kind of semi automatic! Well, as you can imagine that last part got the attention of the police and they headed to the scene!

How would a cat get a gun and what would it want to do with it? Can a cat even fire a weapon? Later that day, the police posted a message on their Facebook page saying that the report of a feline sitting in a tree with a gun was unfounded! The ‘gun’ turned out to be a tree branch!

Take a look at this video

The police jokingly said the cat was issued a verbal warning! LOL I have never seen this happen ever!

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