If you come across a rescued cat with stained paws, be mindful of their history and health.

Within many rescue centers, it is a common knowledge that freshly painted paws indicate cats that have been used as bait in dog fighting rings, and their paws indicate the order in which cats are killed.

As seen in the photo below, the cat has purple painted paws.

He was rescued by the Clewiston Animal Control and is known for its escape from a dogfighting ring with the aid of Megan Sorbara.

Sorbara, the founder of a cat alliance in Florida called the Naples Cat Alliance, posted a story on Facebook earlier describing the abuse of animals.

She mentions hearing about terrible stories from people around her, but remarks that only until one experiences and sees the first hand impacts of animal abuse, do they know the salience of treating these kind creatures with care.

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Sorbara further includes images of the cat, telling the public that he is now in good health with a good weight and healthy fur.

The lack of harm on the cat was an indication that he was able to escape before he was placed in the ring.

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In the same post, Sorbara notes that she hopes that whoever did this would be prosecuted and charged so that this cycle of abuse is not perpetuated for entertainment purposes.

The cat, with its purple paws, is named, “Mr. Purple Paws”.

Although the rescue center has tried to wash the purple paint off Mr. Purple Paws, it seems as though there are vestiges of paint left in the gaps of his paws.

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Communities online continue to comment on the barbaric nature of these activities.

Many even go as far as to comment on their empathizing for these beautiful creatures.

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