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Cat Who Could Hardly Stand Doesn’t Know What Kittens Are For… Until He Snuggles Them

Mason, the ancient, feral cat, with advanced kidney disease was on in a bad place in life. But, he was so fierce and angry, that they struggled with what could be done with him. Euthanasia was a viable option. Life started to get better for Mason, and he was living a happier life in a foster home, although he still had issues when the people tried to pet him.

Then the kittens arrived! Most humans will melt at the site of a tiny kitten, but the most amazing thing happened to Mason! Those kittens brought out the ‘lover’ in him! Two tiny kittens turned that grumpy gus into a nurturing guy! That is the power of love in action!

Take a look at this video

The cats all needed something, and it turns out – they needed each other! It is hard to say who is happier in this video – is it the kittens or is it, Mason?

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