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Baby Refuses To Take A Nap — So His Cat Steps In And Lays Down The Law

Some children will fight going down for a nap. They fight so hard that they get over tired and are just a mess and very difficult to deal with. But, this lucky family has a cat that isn’t willing to take ‘no’ for an answer! The orange and white kitty is sitting on the couch with the baby who refuses to nap. Bump! Down the baby goes!

But the baby sits back up and starts to talk to the kitty. The kitty seemed confused and insulted (a little). Maybe what we are really seeing here is that the cat wants to take a nap and all the baby talk is too much. Who can sleep with a baby talking to them? So, the cat tries to play nice, but when that fails… Bump! Down the baby goes again.

Take a look at this video

The cat seems to be determined to get more sleep no matter what! Share away, people!