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Mom Hears A Gunshot So She Rushes To See Her Son, But Finds Cat Bleeding On The Floor

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend. But what about cats? We all know that cats have nine lives, but there is no saying that tells us that cats are friends to humans. Cats are often seen as aloof and uncaring. Many cat owners would say that cats are just more picky about who they show affection to than dogs.

But this story may change all that. In York, PA, Angelica heard a gunshot. She rushed to check on her three-year-old son. Thankfully, he was fine. But the family cat, Opie, wasn’t so lucky. Opie had taken the bullet instead.

cat took bullet

Image Credit: YouTube

How different this story would have been if Opie hadn’t been there. If this isn’t a reason to tighten gun laws, I don’t know what is. We are so happy to know that Opie is on the mend!

Take a look at this video

Feel better soon, Opie! Share away, people.