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He’s Recording His Cat, But When The Cat Starts ‘Laughing’? I’ve Never Heard Anything Like This!

Some people have a funny laugh. They may snort or giggle like a little girl! People may also chuckle, guffaw, cackle, roar, hoot, or even snigger. Sometimes, a funny laugh can be funnier than the joke itself! The Siamese cat in this video will make you laugh. Normally, when we think of cats, we don’t picture them laughing.

Cats are mostly serious creatures with a playful streak in them. But this Siamese cat makes a very human-like sound. There are doubters out there that say this is all fake. Even if it is fake… what is the harm in having a little fun?! I have never heard a sound like that come out of a cat!

Take a look at this video!

That was certainly unexpected – but kind of funny! Watch the video for yourself! Have you ever heard a sound like that come from a cat?

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