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Cat Freaks Out And Expresses His Feelings When Family Brings Home His New ‘Sibling’!

A hissy fit is when you have a tantrum or an outburst of negative emotion. Cats are often said to have hissy fits because they actually hiss when they get upset. Have you ever seen a hissy fit? They are usually not pretty. The kitty, Cato, in this video is about to have a hissy fit. Why? Because the family has a new dog.

The dog, Zoey, hasn’t even made it into the house before the cat starts to hissy and screech disapproval! If the family was expecting this to be a joyous introduction, they got it completely wrong! No worries, the family said that the dog is very submissive and the cat is very vocal.

Take a look at this video

The two were introduced some time after the video was taken. Apparently, the dog and the cat are now able to sit side by side in the living room. Share away, people!