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What To Do If A Cat Or Dog Gets Stung By One Of These Insects

Summer is coming! So are all the pests that go along with the warmer months. Our children and pets are likely to be bitten by all sorts of insects when they are outside playing. As pet owners, we really need to be on the lookout for bees. A bee sting can be extremely painful to your pet.

If your pet does get stung by a bee, the worst thing to do is panic! So don’t panic, it will most likely just upset your pet even more, and that won’t be good.

Try to keep your pet calm by holding them and talking softly, a nice cold compress will help soothe some of the pain.

There will be some swelling, but that will go down on its own within 24 hours. Some pets may have an allergic reaction like humans do.

If this happens to your pet, you will need to act accordingly. A pet that is allergic to bee stings will develop more than just local swelling.