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Man Starts Playing Cat’s Favorite Song On The Piano, But Keep Your Eyes On The Cat!

Something just happens to your soul when you hear your favorite song. It touches you so deeply you may not be able to control your reaction! Some people sway along and close their eyes to drink in the melody. Other people dance like no one is watching and sing at the top of their lungs! You won’t ever see me doing that!

The cat in this video has his own special way of reacting to his favorite song. His owner is playing what is clearly the cats ‘jam,’ and the cat is super excited! The cat is sitting on the piano at the beginning, as the song continues, the emotions overwhelm the cat, and he starts to do some silly things that defy explanation – you will just have to watch for yourself!

Take a look at this video

Wasn’t this just sweet? I bet that is one loved cat! Be sure to share this with your friends!