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As Soon As The Man Picks Up His Electric Toothbrush, His Cat’s Reaction Is Classic!

Do you own an electric toothbrush? Do you use it? I have one, but I don’t use it every night – but that may be too much information! Anyway, the ginger kitty in this video happens to love his owner’s electric toothbrush. The cat waits patiently (in the sink) for his owner to turn it on.

If he lays in the sink, there is no way he will miss all the fun when the toothbrush is switched on! Wait until you see what the cat (and his owner do!). That is quite an interesting use of an electric toothbrush. I wonder if that is the only purpose for that toothbrush.

Take a look at this video

The bristles and head of the toothbrush are just the perfect things to get a whole face and head massage! You can see how upset the cat gets when the brush is turned off! Share away, people!