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Cat Living At Vet’s Office Takes Up A Job – Calms Patients And Even Grooms Them!

In Colorado, Ron was only three months old when he was rescued from a feral cat colony. Ron and his three siblings, Luna, Harry, and Hermione, were taken to Northfield Veterinary Hospital. Ron was too scared to come out at first. With time, he got more comfortable and started to be more interested in the other animals.

Ron seemed to then be on a mission to help all the other animals not to be scared. Shelly Sandel, co-owner and veterinarian, said that Ron would try to crawl into their cages or jump up onto the exam table to be with them!

Ron was the self-appointed goodwill ambassador of the clinic! He took his job very seriously too!

Apparently, this staff member needed some of Ron’s therapy on this day! Ron even would snuggle up to animals while they were having procedures done. Smart cat!