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This Cat Has A Tendency To Kidnap Puppies. Then They Followed Her To See Why…

What possible reason would a cat have for stealing puppies? Can you think of any? The only reason would be that the mother dog wasn’t taking care of her babies. Some animal mothers are unstable or inexperienced, and they don’t know who to take care of their own litter. If the animal was bred too young.

So, the cat in this video decided to kidnap the entire litter of puppies! I think the better word is rescue, not kidnap. One by one the cat brought all the pups to her ‘home’ and started to care for them. The mother cat had recently lost her kittens and was able to nurse all the pups!

Take a look at this video

The owners of the trailer where the cat lived were shocked by her behavior. We shouldn’t be surprised by the compassionate acts of animals, we should be inspired to do the same. Share away, people!