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Cat Kept Escaping His Cage. Then Vets Set Up A Camera To Catch Him In The Act!

Cats are amazing. They can jump, run, and get themselves into the smallest of places. Cat owners will also tell you that cats are smart. They can solve problems, and that means they get into a lot of trouble! The cat in the video below is Chamallow (Marshmallow). He is a Houdini cat that kept escaping from his kennel at a veterinary clinic in Marseille, France.

The vet and staff wanted to know how Marshmallow was pulling it off, so they set up a camera to see! Just look at the kennel – all clean and stuff. What self-respecting cat would want to be in there? Maybe Marshmallow was just looking for a blanket – or a litterbox. Watch the video and see the master at work!

Take a look at this video

I like how he got the first door open and paused as if checking to see if anyone was around! Share away, people!