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Cat Is Lying Down Near Pool But Is Annoyed By The Dogs, Teaches The Dogs A Lesson

The age old rivalry between cat and dogs has been rejuvenated with the video below. The cat is trying to enjoy a little sunshine next to the pool when two Lhasa Apso dogs intrude. The cat has her emotions all in control and only flicks her tail back and forth and lays her ears back, at first.

Any dog with half a brain should have been able to read those warning signs! But, enough is enough already and even the calm, under control cat is fed up! Her behavior changes and yet the dogs keep poking her and poking her. You know something is about to give! When the two dogs are apart, the cat strikes – the dog didn’t even know what hit him!

Take a look at this video

The second dog just runs off with the cat in hot pursuit! With or without the voiceover this video is hilarious!

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