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Owner Abandons Cat After Moving Out, Then Rescuers Notice Her Growing Belly

The temperatures were dropping when this lovely momma-to-be was found. Her name is Belle. According to reports, Belle started her life as a stray when her former owner moved and didn’t bother to take her along. Luckily, a neighbor found Belle wandering alone and started to feed her.

When the weather started to get colder in November 2016, they brought Belle inside. At least those people had a heart. When the kind people noticed that she was pregnant, they took her to Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS).

Taking care of a cat is one thing – but having a litter of kittens to deal with is a huge thing! Belle moved in with her foster mom, Narod. Two days after Christmas, Belle gave birth!

She had a litter of six, four boys and two girls.

All of her babies look just like her!