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How This Cat Greets His Mommy Every Time She Says ‘Hi’ Will Blow Your Mind!

Cats have lots of adorable little quirks that make them special and unique! It’s really a shame that many cats are thought to be indifferent or unfriendly due to their laidback natures, because some cats really go above and beyond when it comes to friendliness and being well-mannered.

Louie is a handsome, gentleman cat with a cute habit. Every day, he greets his human family members by tilting his head to the right in a perfect bow. It’s a real sign or respect and affection, and of course, it helps that sometimes that earns him a little scratch on the head, too!

Take a look at this video!

This video couples plenty of footage of Louie’s special daily greeting with a hilarious voiceover to illustrate this kitty’s butler-like qualities and his ability to show perfect poise and polite manners in all situations. It’s so funny that there’s no way you’ll be able to stop yourself from smiling!

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