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How This Kitty Reacts When He Gets Some Ol’ Fashioned Belly Rubs Will Make You Laugh!

Who is ready for a good old-fashioned belly rub? Most people don’t really like that. But there are many dogs who would happily accept that offer. I haven’t met many cats who enjoy getting a belly rub. Yes, my cats will roll over on their backs and expose their belly – but that doesn’t mean they want to get a belly rub.

If you do decide to rub their bellies – you may get bitten or scratched! How about a back rub? That is a whole different ball game, baby! The calico cat in this video loves to have his back scratched – which is normal for most cats. This cat has the cutest reaction to his back rub! Keep an eye on his tongue!

Take a look at this video!

The person has found that cat’s sweet spot! I have never seen such a cute reaction! Share this video with the cat lovers in your life!