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Cat Who Discovered Bedsheets For The First Time Has A Epic and Priceless Reaction!

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly laundered bed sheets. It is amazing how a clean, fresh bed just makes me (and maybe you) so very happy! Being able to go to bed is sometimes the best part of any day! If you have cats, you know that the bed can be like a carnival of fun and thrills.

Try making a bed with a rambunctious cat! You don’t get very far very fast with their ‘help!’ In this video, the little tuxedo kitten has just discovered the wonder of the bedsheet! You may find yourself laughing out loud as you see this cat, named Ziza, discover what life is like under those amazing sheets!

Take a look at this video!

I love how he uses his claws to ‘swim’ under there! Ah, the carefree life of a cat! I wish I could play all day long – don’t you?

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