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Crazy Hyper Kitten Just Can’t Contain Himself — Watch His Reaction To Humans Legs

Kittens and cats love to climb. It doesn’t seem to matter how tall an object is, if it is there, the cats will try and climb it. Getting down sometimes is a whole different thing! Very young kittens, as you may know, are sort of crazy. They run and jump and run and jump – it is like they have just ingested a ton of coffee!

They are bundles of energy. I often have thought that there was something ‘not quite right’ about some of the kittens I have raised. They just get this ‘look, ’ and you have to wonder. Most cats don’t act quite so crazy once they get a little older. In this video, the kitten in is ‘crazy’ mode, and decides to climb up his owner’s leg!

Take a look at this video!

I have experienced this very thing – it is quite painful as those tiny claws dig in! Share away, people!