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Cat Dances To ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ In This Awesome Music Video

In 2016, Justin Timberlake released the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” There was a music video too.

It featured Justin Timberlake and a what appears to be a collection of ordinary people and dancing.

They dance in the supermarket, on the street, and even in a parking lot.

The video below is the CAT dancing version of that song.

A man loads up his cats (and dogs) into a golf cart, and the adventure begins!

They drive around as the song plays. You will be impressed with the moves the cats have! LOL! Enjoy!

Warning – you will probably have that song stuck in your head all day after watching!

Take a look!

There are glimpses of some pretty cool tricks the cats can do.

But, mostly, it is just a good, upbeat, happy video with people and their animals!

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