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Baby Comes Down With A Fever, So Their Cat Becomes A Serious Caregiver!

Mia likes just to watch Sonny. They play a little, but Sonny is too young to have that much fun playing with Mia – yet. Mia is by his side every morning. Mia is a big kitty – but one day soon, Sonny will be bigger than her! One day, after getting his shots Sonny had a fever.

Mia could immediately tell something wasn’t quite right. She started to meow even before Kasey got Sonny out of the carrier. She was probably wondering what the crazy humans had done to her little buddy to make him feel bad.

Mia didn’t leave his side all that day.

She was determined to help him feel better. Kasey says the Mia takes her job as kitty companion very seriously! If you want to keep up with this amazing family, follow them on Instagram. Share away, people!