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Before This Spoiled Cutie Goes To Sleep, She Does The Most Adorable Thing Ever!

Do you have a bedtime routine? Brush teeth, put on PJs, jump into bed – or something like that! Kids like routines too. So do our pets. You know when it is time for dinner at our house because the two dogs will start to hover. The three cats will appear out of nowhere and start their pitiful “I’m hungry” meowing song.

The kitty in this video loves routine too. Her routine involves getting ready for bed. She even has her own bed, reindeer toy, and special blanket. It is only a 30-second video, but you get the sense that this kitty has done this before and likes it – a lot! Given that cats like to sleep 18 or more hours a day, it makes sense that they would like their own bed and blanket.

Take a look at this video!

My cats don’t have a special blanket or bed, we share! Share away, people!