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Cat Waits For Mommy To Leave So He Can Open The Bird Cage. When He Does That? Incredible!

A cat and a budgie. You probably know how that story starts and ends – right? I mean a cat and a bird there are not too many ways that story goes. But, Freeview has a taken a different route when it comes to the age-old rivalry between cats and birds. This ad is unexpected and well done!

Freeview is, according to their website, the United Kingdom’s digital terrestrial TV platform and was launched in 2002. Now, many of you out there, like me, do not like when they make animals look as if they are talking. The animation is just not right, and it often takes away from the beauty of the animal. In this case, the animation is done just right!

Take a look at this video!

The song adds to the ad, and the woman’s reaction is priceless. It is the sort of ad you can watch and have no idea what it is trying to sell you! Share away, people!