Cat Notices A Bug On The Wall. Now Turn Up The Volume To Hear The Sound He’s Making

Image Credit: Crazy Cats / YouTube

Did you ever watch your cat when they see birds outside? They make this little chittering noise. Their entire body becomes motionless. All they see is the bird – and then they make that sound. The first time you hear it, you may think you cat is sick or something! The kitty in this video has not seen a bird outside the window.

Instead, he has spied a bug. But, he does make a strange noise in response. This kitty is, um, confused. Maybe he has watched too much TV or something – where did he learn that noise? Aren’t cats supposed to stalk and pounce bugs? Well, at least everyone in the house knew something was up!

Take a look at this video!

This is the weirdest sound I have ever heard come from a cat’s mouth! I have to wonder if it is even real – what do you think? Share away, people!