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Cat Notices A Bug On The Wall. Now Turn Up The Volume To Hear The Sound He’s Making

Did you ever watch your cat when they see birds outside? They make this little chittering noise. Their entire body becomes motionless. All they see is the bird – and then they make that sound. The first time you hear it, you may think you cat is sick or something! The kitty in this video has not seen a bird outside the window.

Instead, he has spied a bug. But, he does make a strange noise in response. This kitty is, um, confused. Maybe he has watched too much TV or something – where did he learn that noise? Aren’t cats supposed to stalk and pounce bugs? Well, at least everyone in the house knew something was up!

Take a look at this video!

This is the weirdest sound I have ever heard come from a cat’s mouth! I have to wonder if it is even real – what do you think? Share away, people!