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Cat And Owl Are Unusual Best Friends, But When They Start Playing The Results Are Priceless!

Birds and cats are natural enemies – right? We all remember those Tweety Bird and Sylvester cartoons. Even our house cats make that weird noise when they see birds outside. But not all cats and birds are enemies. The two friends featured in the video below are Fum and Gebra – an owl and a cat! They have a rather unique friendship.

In the beginning, you may think that the black cat is trying to attack the owl – but, no! That is how the two play. Keep watching and see them interact when the owl is on the ground. Head bumps and purring (if there were sound, there would be purring, I am sure!).

Take a look at this video

If a cat and an owl can be friends – why can’t humans? At least humans are of the same species. We should learn a lesson from the animals and get along!

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