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Cat Almost Died Because Someone Didn’t Like His Claws

Declawing your cat may seem like an ideal solution to ending the destruction of your carpet, furniture, and your legs and arms. But did you know that the procedure is NOT just removing a claw? Declawing your cat is basically amputating the last digit on their paws.

Imagine your fingers getting cut off just below the fingernail. That is what is happening to a cat during the declaw procedure. It is cruel and painful. Valentine was dropped off at a Los Angeles Shelter with no claws.

botched declaw surgery

Image Credit: Sandra Harrison

The hack job was done so poorly Valentine was in serious pain, and his paws were infected. Valentine was in bad shape and biting because he didn’t understand why he hurt so much.

He was put on the shelter’s euthanasia list.

The founder of Zoey’s Place Rescue, Aurelie Vanderhoek, saw his picture and she wasn’t going to let him be put down.