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Her Cat Waited 10 Days For Dog To Come Home, But Mom Doesn’t Expect Him To Be So Emotional

Rescued animals are often the best pets you can ask for! Back in May 2012, Bow-Z, the dog, was away from home for 10 days. During that time, everyone missed him – even Jasper, the family cat! No one was quite sure how Jasper would react to seeing his canine brother again, so mom had the camera ready.

Once you see Jasper wrap his paws around Bow-Z and begin to groom him, you will know the love that these two animals share. So, don’t believe anyone who tells you that cats and dogs don’t get along – they can and do! Please consider adopting your next pet instead of buying one from a pet store.

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This nation’s animal shelters have too many loving animals who need loving homes.

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