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Cashier Notices Panicky Woman Is Making A Strange Purchase, Then Realizes She’s Being Scammed

Shelly Yost, a cashier working at Kroger came across an elderly woman purchasing $2,000 worth of iTunes gift cards. She was also shaking nervously as Shelly totaled the gift cards. Shelly asked her the reason why she got them – were they a gift for someone?

To her surprise, she replied that she needed them to bail her granddaughter out from jail. Shelly knew it was a scam – the brave cashier rang the Sylvania police up, after telling the woman to wait at a corner. Shelly also noticed that the woman had been living in local assisted living facility, recognizing their keychain. Shelly called the staff at the facility to fetch the woman back to rest till the case got settled. As a reward, the old woman thanked Shelly with a surprise visit filled with hugs and a personally written Thank-you card.

Take a look at the news report below!

Beware of scammers – they’re everywhere!

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