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Cashier Spots Granny Making An Odd Purchase Then Realizes She’s In Big Trouble

Have you heard of the “granny scam?” Elderly people are the target of this scam. Someone calls them and tells them that a family member of theirs has been arrested and that they need to buy iTunes gift cards to get out. They paint a dire picture of the condition of the family member, and it makes the elderly person panic – they don’t realize it is a scam.

Thankfully, one would-be victim was stopped before she lost $2,000 after being conned. Shelly Yost, a cashier at Kroger, noticed an elderly woman buying about $2,000 worth of iTunes gift cards and asked her why she needed so many. When the woman told her, Shelly called the police and told the woman that her granddaughter was probably not in any trouble.

Take a look at this video

Once on scene, the police told the woman they don’t ever accept iTunes cards as payment for bail. Share away, people.