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We’ve Been Carrying Car Seats The Wrong Way This Whole Time

The hardest part of having an infant is transporting them from place to place. You either carry them in your arms, or you lug around the very heavy infant car seat. If you carry them in the car seat, you are in for a world of back pain! Those things are awkward and unforgiving.

But, we have a little secret that will save you from the pain! Dr. Emily Puente from Bridge Family Chiropractic located in Mansfield Texas has the cure for that pain, and she shared it in a Facebook video! All you need to do is change your hand position on the car seat, and you are good to go! Slide your hand through the handle and then down towards the base of the car seat. Twist your wrist and lift if from the bottom!

Take a look at this video

No more shoulder, hip, or and pain! And forget about the constant banging of the car seat on your knee! Genius!