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Fisherman Is Showing Off The Huge Carp He Caught, But The Fish Has Other Ideas

The fisherman in this video is showing off his catch. He caught a huge fish while fishing in the Brno Reservoir that is in the Czech Republic. He tries to put the huge carp down to get a more accurate measurement when things go very wrong. The carp wasn’t too happy about being out of the water and sprang to life once he was on the ground.

The fish proved to be too strong and slippery and make it back to the water. So, the lesson here is one – fish are a lot smarter and cunning than you may realize. Two, don’t put a big fish down on the ground just to measure it! Or if you do, have a friend that is a little faster than the guy in black, so you don’t lose your catch!

Take a look at this video

The score: Fishermen 0 Carp 1 (he lives to be caught another day – maybe)! Share away, people.