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A Scary Trend In The Used Tire Market Is Exposed And It Could Cost You Your Life

Tires. We all need them. No one likes to have to buy them – they are not cheap! A new scam out there is bringing life to the phrase “Buyer Beware.” The scam is with used tires that are being made to look as if they were brand new. All that has to be done is for some fake tread to be neatly glued in place.

Then a little black paint is sprayed on the tire and BOOM – “new tire, ” and the repair shops can charge full price. They are making a killing. Some garages in the UK have been caught doing this and are now closed. Once the story was posted on social media, many people have been weighing in.

Take a look at this video

This re-grooving of tires is not new – but, selling the tires as new to consumers is a dangerous practice. Know what to look for to avoid being sold ‘repaired’ tires. Share away, people.