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Police Warn That If A Caller Asks “Can You Hear Me” Disconnect The Call Immediately

The phrase “Can you hear me?” is now a scam that people are being warned about. If you pick up the phone and hear those four words – hang up! Don’t think you are being rude – you are actually being quite smart. If you say ‘yes,’ they can authorize unwanted charges! Once you say ‘yes’ you basically have given them permission to spend your money – they already have your phone number, so what else do they know about you?

The best thing to do is not answer a call if you don’t recognize the number. Program the numbers of important contacts into your phone. Use caller ID to screen your calls. Never, never (under any circumstances) give out personal information or answer personal questions over the phone (if you don’t know the caller).

Take a look at this video

If you have been a victim of this scam, contact the Federal Trade Commission for help. Share away, people.