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Caged Pit Bull Who Lived A Horrible Life As Trophy Was Nearly Starved To Death

This is TinTin. When TinTin got sick, his owner took him to a vet in Bali, Indonesia. His owner never came back for him. Now, you would think that being in the hands of a person who has dedicated their lives to caring for animals that TinTin would have been taken care of. He wasn’t.

TinTin was placed in a kennel and ignored. He wasn’t fed or cared for at all. Just look at the condition he is in.

The director of Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Center (BARC), Ebony Owens, thinks that because the vet wasn’t getting any money from TinTin’s owner, nothing was being done to help TinTin.

Ebony got a message from someone who had seen TinTin and was concerned.