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Bus Station Gives Stray Dogs New Beds And Blankets To Help Them Escape The Cold

In parts of the world, right now, the temperatures are dropping and the colder months are ahead. In Brazil, some lucky dogs are being given a warm place to lay their heads at night! The dogs are strays. They were either abandoned or have lived their entire lives on the streets.

The kind people at a Barreirinha bus station have allowed the dogs to come inside – they have even provided beds, food, and water!

The beds are old bus tires that have been stuffed with warm, fluffy blankets! What lucky dogs! The three dogs you see here are Max, Zoinho, and Pitoco. Fabiane Rosa, a local politician, and animal lover, shared this story online and it has gone viral!

Rosa praised the people who helped out the dog by giving them a warm place to sleep. Be kind. Reach out and help those in need – it will make you feel good!

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