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Bus Driver Spots Young Woman Seconds From Committing Suicide – Stops Her With 1 Question

Here is another story that proves not all superheroes drive fancy cars and wear capes. The hero in this story is a bus driver from Buffalo, NY, named Darnell Barton. Barton was driving is regular route when he noticed something alarming happening just ahead. A woman had climbed over the guardrail and was looking down to the road below.

It was obvious that the woman was a danger to herself and Barton stopped the bus and rushed over to try and help. He tried to talk to her and get her to come over the rail. Then he offered to give her a hug. Barton, a trained volunteer peacekeeper and firefighter, knew that he needed to stay with her until the authorities arrived.

Take a look at this video

He reached over the rail and was able to get her off the ledge. Barton got a standing ovation from the students on the bus after the incident. I too applaud you, Mr. Barton. Thank you!

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