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Bus Driver Spots A Pair Of Scared Stray Dogs So He Immediately Stops To Set An Example

Being a kind human being usually, doesn’t cost you anything. Check this out. A bus driver offered a ride to two homeless dogs during a severe thunderstorm in Buenos Aires last week. The bus driver saw the two dogs sitting on the sidewalk in the rain, there was no shelter, and they were both terrified of the storm.

stray dogs bus driver

Image Credit: Stella Maris San Martin / Facebook

The passengers on the bus appreciated his gesture. Pictures of the dogs on the bus have gone viral being shared over 10,000 times. The bus driver has not come forward, but the transportation company is praising his efforts.

stray dogs bus driver

Image Credit: Amor Por Los Animales / Facebook

Pets are not allowed on the buses, but the company is praising their driver for his compassion. No one is quite sure what happened to the dogs at the end of the route. But, the bus driver is a hero in my book for offering the two pups a dry place and company during the storm.

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