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Bus Driver Notices Something Strange About A Passenger & Child. Then He Saw The Terrifying Truth…

Heroes among us. Heroes don’t wear sports uniforms. They were police officer, firefighter, or medical garb. In this story, our hero is a bus driver. A three-year-old boy went missing from the library outside San Francisco in 2015. The little boy’s picture was circulated around the news. Tim Watson saw the report.

Then, an hour later, he saw the boy on his bus. Tim drives a bus for Valley Transportation Authority and saw the little boy and a man get on his bus. Moments later, the little boy started to cry. Tim, a father of two, pulled the bus over and asked everyone about a missing backpack. He was playing it cool. He needed to be sure before he acted on his suspicions.

Take a look at this video

Thankfully, Tim was able to call 911, and the boy was safely returned to his family. The man who took him was arrested.

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