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He Demanded His Wife Bury Him With ALL His Money. The Widow’s Smart Revenge Is Ingenious!

Settle in for a hilarious story about a frugal man, his smart wife, and the value of making sure the promises you expect someone else to keep are free from loopholes! There lived a cheapskate of a man who, throughout his life, was very thrifty and stingy. He loved money more than anything else in the world – even more than his wife!

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When he knew he would die soon, he spoke seriously to his wife and told her that he wanted to be buried with every last cent of his fortune, so he could bring it to the afterlife with him. He made her promise to obey this command, and she promised.

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When the old man passed away, the man’s wife sat at his funeral and watched as the proceedings continued. Just as it was time to close the casket, she ran up to the undertakers and told them to wait. Then, she gently placed a shoebox into the casket. It was closed up and buried with the man.

The wife’s best friend, who had been sitting next to her and watching, knew about the promise she had made. She asked her if she literally went ahead and put all his money in the casket with him.


The wife nodded. She explained that she is a Christian and that she had to follow on the promises she made to her husband.

“So every last cent of his money is in there?” her friend exclaimed incredulously, hardly daring to believe it. “Of course!” laughed the wife. “I put all the money into my bank account, and I wrote him a cheque and placed it in the shoebox for him to take to the afterlife!”

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