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Burn Victim Meets Orangutan At Zoo, Then Gets Stunned When He Points To See Her Scars

Darci Miller suffered some devastating burns back in 2015. She underwent multiple surgeries and had healed, but there are still scars – both emotional and physical ones. Darci and Jason Costello, her fiancé, went to the Putnam County Zoo in Indiana and met a curious orangutan by the name of Rocky.

Everyone was shocked when Rocky’s eyes widened as Darci approached his enclosure. Rocky started to point at each of Darci’s bandages, one at a time. Rocky was intent and wanted to get a closer look at the bandages Darci had. Darci was willing to show her injuries to Rocky, and you can see how he tried to get a closer look!

Take a look at this video

It’s interesting how Rocky was curious about Darci’s bandages. The people in the background were also quite amazed! Share away, people.