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After Bullies Leave Daughter Looking Like This, Dad Reacts Swiftly (Video)

Two bullies were cyber-bullying a fellow student at Betty Fairfax High School in Phoenix, Arizona. The bullying took a nasty turn when the bullies got physical and choked the girl until she was unconscious. That seems like more than bullying to me – isn’t that close to attempted murder?

The girl’s father, Markus Hines picketed the school in the hopes of starting a conversation about bullying. Hines said he wants other parents to see him – and he wants other students to see him too. According to the school, the two bullies were suspended. The school said they take bullying seriously, but can only intervene when they are aware of the situation.

Take a look at this video

It is important that our children stand up for themselves and speak out. There is a lot of support for them – they just need to feel safe enough to ask for it.

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