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Devoted And Loving Bullfrog Dad Saves His Tiny Tadpoles From Dying

The biggest frog in Africa is the African bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus), and they are known for being aggressive creatures. In this video, we see a male African bullfrog who is also a devoted father to his newly hatched tadpoles! After mating, the male watches over the hatchlings, but this new dad had to do more than watch as you will see in the video below!

The moment was captured on video and shared from PBS’s Nature series. It is obvious that the tadpoles are going to die unless the male does something fast! Watch and be amazed at what the bullfrog does to save the tadpoles! According to, a female bullfrog will lay up to 4,000 eggs in each clutch, and the male will fertilize them.

Take a look at this video

The eggs hatch within two days and the male watches over them! Bullfrogs eat small birds, rodents, fish, and other invertebrates. Share away, people.