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Dog’s Rescuers Thought She Had A Routine Illness — But X-Rays Revealed Something Far Worse

Beds for Bullies is a rescue organization located in Barnham, England. Liz Haslam, the founder of Beds for Bullies and an animal activist, got a call for help from an animal protection group in Gökova, Turkey. An abused bull terrier named Eric was in desperate need of help. As you can see from the picture, Eric looks like he is covered in paint.

abused dog

Image Credit: 徐曉華 / Facebook

The paint was from a paintball gun.

Eric also had wounds that could only be from illegal dog fighting, and he was blind and almost completely deaf. He also looks completely defeated.

Liz didn’t need too much convincing to get Eric out of there. She paid $3,000 to have Eric flown to England. Happily, his rescuers in Turkey had started his journey to healing and Eric was in pretty good shape when he arrived. At the vet, an X-ray showed that Eric had some projectiles from the paintballs buried in his skin.