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When This Kitten Was Born He Was Grey, But When He Grew Up, I’m Totally Stunned!

Many men and women will dye their hair a different color. They either don’t like their natural hair color or just want to be different. You can get just about any hair color you want too! I have seen people with purple, green, and bright blue hair! Other people color their hair to hid the gray.

One kitten, named Bruce, was born with gray fur and blue eyes. He was an adorable little guy! As he got older and older, his coat started to change color, naturally. It got darker and darker! Watch the video to see Bruce’s amazing transformation. He is all grown up and all black at the end!

Check this out!

It is known as “fever coat” – and according to, it happens if the mother was on medication or had an infection when she was pregnant. It hasn’t affected Bruce’s health at all! Share away, people!