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If You See A Brown Patch Of Grass In Your Yard, Be Careful – There Might Be Bunny Homes

Sometimes we have to resist the urge to pick up wild animals that we find in our backyards. The urge is especially hard to overcome if it is a baby animal, or an animal that you think is in need of help. Ontario Wildlife Removal says that if you find a baby bunny in your yard, you should not touch it.

The chances are that the momma bunny is close by – so don’t assume the bunny was abandoned or is lost. Please be alert when you are out doing yard work too. If you see a patch of brown grass, it may be a baby bunny shelter! The baby bunnies will soon be leaving your yard to explore the wonderful world, so don’t try to move them.

Take a look at this video!

Let them come out of hiding when they are good and ready. Mother Nature knows what she is doing!

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