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If You Spot A Similar Brown Patch In Your Lawn, Don’t Touch It

Now that winter’s over and the grass is growing once again, you may feel inclined to take a step out into your yard and survey the area, looking for a great spot to relax and enjoy the plush green.

But what happens if you notice a random patch of brown very obviously standing out against the greenery?

If you do see this brown patch of grass, your best option would be to stay away from it, as we learn from this video!

It’s not that there’s anything dangerous there – it’s that you might accidentally harm what’s hiding underneath.

This homeowner called Ontario wildlife removal when he noticed this brown spot in his yard and realized that there was something moving beneath it!

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A representative came over to take a look at the brown patch of grass, which was dried up and wilted, and he and his colleagues decided to film an educational video on what to do if you spot something like this in your own yard.

As it turns out, the area is a rabbit’s nest, and he even shows us the adorable little tiny babies nestled within, just a few weeks old and without any fur on them yet!

According to these experts, if you have a rabbit’s nest in your yard, your best bet is to ignore it and let it be!

The mother rabbit will only come around twice a day at most for less than half an hour to check on the babies and feed them.

Meanwhile, the babies will grow up fast and within a few weeks will leave the nest and your property for good.

You should also probably keep your house pets away from the area if you can.

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Rabbit nests tend to be hidden in plain sight on “human territory” because those who prey on these nests and their precious cargo are too frightened to come out into the open and hunt where they can so easily be seen by humans and house pets.

Watch this video to find out more!

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