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Woman Helps Her Dog To Give Birth, But Gasps When She Sees One Puppy’s Unusual Fur

Milly, a chocolate lab, gave birth to a litter of puppies. She had one female and four males. Milly’s owners, Mark and Elaine Cooper, were shocked to see that the female puppy was born green! They named the green puppy Princess Fiona (from the Shrek movie). The green fur color is the result of overexposure to biliverdin, a substance found in the placenta.

Biliverdin is the stuff that makes your bruises turn that ugly greenish color and is also the reason some babies are jaundice. This is a very rare thing in dogs. Don’t worry Princess Fiona will not be green forever and it will not harm her at all. In a few weeks, the green color will fade, and her real coat color will emerge.

Take a look at this video!

Can you imagine being having a litter of all green puppies? Maybe this was just an early nod to St. Patrick’s day! Share away, people!